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Susenji Ollie

Susenji Ollie

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Susenji Ollie (25 sachets x 3g)

Burn fat, energize, reduce glucose absorption, and promote leanness.

Consuming Susenji Ollie helps increase the amount and function of MITOCHONDRIA, the "energy factory" in your body that burns fats, carbohydrates, and protein down to carbon dioxide and water.
It converts substances from the foods we eat into energy.
With a higher number of Mitochondria, it helps improve vitality, energize you, enhance your natural fat-burning effect, and maintain healthy organs.

• Enhance fat burning
• Reduce body fat
• Convenient
• Reawaken metabolism
• Reduce belly fat
• Improve body shape
• 2x Fat burning effect

1. Pour 1 sachet of Susenji Ollie directly into your mouth at least 10 minutes before your meal

Store in a cool, dry place at 25°C, away from sunlight and heat

Oleavita (Olive Leaf Extract), Innoslim, Morosil (Moro Blood Orange Extract), Guarana, Green Tea Extract, Multivitamins (Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K)


  1. What is the expiry?

    All our Susenji products are of latest batch and directly dispatches from our warehouse, so do rest assured what you will be receiving from us is the newest and freshest batch!
  2. Can I take this if I'm pregnant?

    MOFA+ is suitable for general public as it’s made of natural water soluble fiber, we have many customers who’re consuming MOFA+ while pregnant.
    It’s only not recommended for first trimester because that’s when pregnant ladies avoid a lot of things (sports, certain food, strenuous activities etc).
    We always recommend our customers to check with their gynae as every individual’s condition is different. You can show your gynae the ingredients in MOFA+ to be sure.
  3. Can I take this if I'm breastfeeding?

    Our MOFA+ is made of natural ingredients, and we do have many breastfeeding mums who consume MOFA+ to help them with bloating issues, constipation & also to gently shed off excess weight.
    The feedback we've received is that MOFA+ doesn't affect their milk supply, and doesn't cause any side effects on the baby as MOFA+ does not contain any chemical laxatives. However, as each indivudual's condition is different, we always recommend our customers to consult their gynae with MOFA+'s ingredients for further assurance.
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