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PROMO: AllMasil Korean Hair Care Collection

PROMO: AllMasil Korean Hair Care Collection

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ALLMASIL 2024 Promo

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Our Masil products are 100% Authentic and imported directly from MASIL Korea Headquarters. 

Vegan certified, ISO-certified, hair care products from Korea.


  1. CMC Shampoo
  2. Apple Vinegar Shampoo
  3. Color Radiance Shampoo
  4. Perfect Volume Shampoo
  5. Scalp Scaling Shampoo
  6. No Yellow Shampoo

Hair Masks:

  1. Salon Repair Hair Mask
  2. Anti-Aging Hair Mask
  3. Premium Hair Mask
  4. Scalp Hair Loss Hair Mask
  5. Volume Hair Mask

Hair Boosters:

  1. Scalp Spa Cleansing Lotion: A plant essence-based formula that moisturizes and smoothens hair while gently cleansing the scalp, suitable for all scalp types.
  2. Scalp Spa Cleansing Ampoule Tonic: A premium, vegan-certified scalp treatment that synergistically cleanses, nourishes, and rejuvenates the scalp for healthier hair.
  3. Hair Perfume Oil Light: A vegan-friendly, nourishing hair oil that combats damage and leaves hair lightly fragranced and beautifully smooth.
  4. Protein Silk Essence: A high-concentration hair care product that provides rich moisturization and repairs damage, transforming hair into a silky, soft mane.
How To Use:
  • For Shampoo - dispense an appropriate amount and gently massage into wet hair  
  • For Hair Mask - Apply the product evenly on wet hair from roots to tip of your hair (this can be applied on scalp), Massage gently until the product turn into a white cream texture, After 8 seconds, rinse it off with water.
  • For Silk Essence -  Dry your hair with a towel, Apply silk balm to the ends of your hair, Blow dry or air dry your hair as preferred.
  • For Hair OilShake lightly before use, Pump an appropriate amount on your palms and rub them together, Apply from the middle to the ends of your hair
  • For Scalp Cleansing Ampoule - To be used before shampooing, Squeeze directly onto the scalp and massage gently, Massage on areas that need more attention
  • For Ampoule TonicTo be used after shampooing and blow drying of hair as pores are cleansed, Squeeze directly onto the scalp and massage gently, Massage on areas that need more attention (eg. bald spots)

Please refer to individual products to see ingredients.
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AllMasil 2024 Series

Allmasil CMC Shampoo
Allmasil Color Radiance Shampoo
Allmasil Apple Vinegar Shamoo
Allmasil Scalp Scaling Shampoo
Allmasil Perfect Volume Shampoo
Allmasil No Yellow Shampoo
AllMasil 8 Seconds Hair Mask
allmasil anti-aging hair mask

Anti-Aging Hair Mask

Reverse dull aging hair

allmasil volume hair mask

Volume Hair Mask

For smooth & voluminous hair

allmasil scalp hair-loss hair mask

Scalp Hair-Loss Hair Mask

Smoothens hair while combating hair loss

allmasil salon premium hair mask

Salon Premium Hair Mask

Restores hair vitality, nourishes & retains hair moisture

Allmasil salon repair hair mask

Salon Repair Hair Mask

Instant fix for dry damaged hair

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