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How Pixiepax came about

Selling what we love affordably

Hello, this is Rachell & Sean - the founders of pixiepax!
We are both practical people who prioritize functionality & quality a lot.

So the very first item we brought in to pixiepax was a makeup sponge that helps blend makeup easily & flawlessly ‑ Dream Puffs.

Our aim was to offer our customers a super useful product at a fraction of the price, with no compromise on its quality.

The name pixiepax came about from pixie (as in pxdkitty, Rachell's personal IG) + packs.. but the handle pixiepacks was taken, & so pixiepax was born!

Starting our Vegan Journey

When we both decided to embark on our vegan journey in 2019, we started to focus more on curating cruelty-free & vegan-friendly products.

All the products on pixiepax are tried & tested personally by us to ensure their efficacy, & we believe in each product strongly.

Convenience is also a huge priority when we curate suitable products to help our customers' concerns, because we understand that our customers are modern day busy individuals.

The goal for pixiepax

We aim to be a one-stop shop that helps our customers achieve wellness & beauty with our convenient & cruelty-free products.

Currently, we are pledging 10% of our profits to Cat Welfare Society, & are fostering cats on a voluntary basis on a personal level.

It's our dream to someday be able to run a cat sanctuary where we will be able to help more rescue cats without financial worries!

If you've bought from pixiepax before, thank you for helping us get closer to making this dream a reality!


Distribute Our Susenji Products

Apart from running our own ecommerce store, we also offer free trainings for our Susenji distributors in running their own online businesses.

Just as how starting pixiepax has allowed us to get closer to our dreams of running a cat sanctuary, we believe that our distributors are able to replicate or surpass our results as well & fulfil dreams of their own.

Sean & I are currently leading a team of 100+ Susenji distributors who come from all walks of life - SAHM, mummies with full time jobs, individuals looking for side hustles, free lancers etc, providing them with resources & updated market trends to help them achieve 5 - 6 figure incomes through their online business.

If you are a regular consumer of Susenji products, are passionate about expanding your income streams, looking to start an online business, and want to tap into our resources, ready-to-use templates, tips & step by step guides, fill up this form & we will reach out to you shortly!


Our Promise

5 - 6 figure income

Achieve high income growth when you follow our #TeamHustlers step by step training modules

Trainings & Guidance

Updated trainings monthly, live Q&A guidance to ensure all distributors receive the resources & steps needed to excel in their online businesses

Ready-to-use Templates

Plug & play templates, marketing collaterals & more to ready-to-use materials to help
distributors kickstart their businesses efficiently

Rebates & Bonuses

Our company makes sure to reward distributors for their performance with attractive rebates & bonuses, creating a conducive environment that encourages growth, breakthroughs & a high performing team

Dropshipping Feature

No worries about stock expiry, storage space nor logistics issues with our dropshipping feature

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