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PROMO: Susenji Bundle (Mix & Match)

PROMO: Susenji Bundle (Mix & Match)

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  • Orange passionfruit flavor
  • Natural detox drink
  • Cleanse colon
  • Smooth bowel movement
  • 20 sachets per box
  • Free shaker cup


  • Strawberry flavor
  • Smart fat burner
  • Increase body metabolism
  • Reduce glucose absorption
  • Easy to consume
  • 25 sachets per box


  • Berry and lemon flavor
  • Reduce water retention
  • Remove excess sodium
  • No more puffy face, hands & feets
  • 25 sachets per box


  • Passionfruit flavor
  • Oral sunblock
  • Reduce acne, dark spots and pigmentations
  • Brighten skintone
  • 30 sachets per box


  • Dark chocolate flavor
  • Complete meal replacement
  • Only 140kcal per serving
  • Nourishes stomach lining
  • 16 sachets per box
  • Free shaker cup


  • External application
  • Restore skin elasticity
  • Firming and tightening of saggy skin
  • Warming effect
  • 100ml per tube

Bundle of 2


  • 5% Off
  • Usual price $150
  • Save $7.50
  • Mix & Match any 2

Bundle of 4


  • 15% Off
  • Usual price $300
  • Save $45
  • Mix & Match any 4

Bundle of 6


  • 20% Off
  • Usual price $450
  • Save $90
  • Mix & Match any 6

Susenji Routine



No time for breakfast?
Skipping meals can also cause your metabolism to slow down, which can cause weight gain or make it harder to lose weight.Prepare Susenji Shake for breakfast conveniently & nourish your stomach lining. Keeps you full for 4h+, well-balanced in nutrients & only 140kcal.


Before Lunch &/Or Dinner

Have Ollie before meal which helps increase metabolism & reduce glucose absorption.Burns & converts fats into energy.(Strawberry flavour, powder form.Simply tear open & consume.)


After Lunch &/Or Dinner

Have Depuff after meal to reduce water retention, flush out excess salt, & helps absorb fats. (Chewable tablet. Simply tear open & consume.)


Before Sleep

1-2h after last meal, before sleep, drink MOFA+ to help with natural detox and purging out of excess oil from the food we consumed during the day. It also helps with reducing overall body heatiness. (Mix 1 sachet with 200ml room temp/ cold water). May experience smooth bowel movements after 8-10 hours.


Before Sleep/ Throughout Day

Sculpt helps with burning stubborn fats, improves skin hydration & firming. Can be used the morning when metabolism is highest & after shower when pores are open, reapplied throughout the day, before sleep, or before exercise.

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