Build Your Social Media Empire: CapCut Quickstart Under 1 Hour

Want to create stunning videos for TikTok and Instagram but don't know where to start?

Join me, Rachell, Founder of Pixiepax, in this CapCut Quickstart course.

You'll learn everything from basic edits to advanced visual effects through easy-to-follow tutorials.
My own journey from making simple videos to reaching millions and building a 7-figure business has taught me invaluable skills, which I'm eager to share with you.

 Let's embark on this creative journey together and start captivating your audience!

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What To Expect From CapCut Quickstart

Learn to edit stunning videos in minutes, even with no prior experience

Foundational skills necessary to create engaging videos for your social media platforms

Perfect for content creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to boost their digital presence

Transform your raw footages into stunning visual content

Meet Rachell

Meet Rachell Tan, aka @pxdkitty

Rachell, the creator of CapCut Quickstart, transforms novices into skilled video editors using just their smartphones.

With extensive experience in digital content creation and millions of views across social platforms, she's a proven expert.

Rachell started with a passion for video storytelling and has refined her editing skills to not only create engaging content but also teach others effectively.

Her straightforward, impactful methods are designed for rapid learning, making high-quality video editing accessible to all.

Founder of Team Hustlers 

Rachell leads Team Hustlers, a diverse community of over 100 members, providing training and resources to empower everyone from stay-at-home moms to freelancers.

The CapCut Quickstart course is a key tool in this mission, designed for team members to quickly create high-quality, engaging content. By mastering video editing with CapCut, our members can improve their digital marketing, engage customers effectively, and stand out in the online marketplace. This practical course boosts both personal and professional growth, equipping members with skills directly applicable to their businesses.

Who Is This For?

Micro-Influencers & KOLs

Digital Marketers & Businesses

Beginners in Video Editing

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

Course Reviews

“ Very clear-cut and useful content. It was very easy to understand every chapter even for someone who has never used the app before. Great for beginners or even those who needs to use video-editing skills for marketing materials.“


“ Super detailed course that comes with different categories which are easy for us to refer back whenever we need to! I can’t take long naggy lessons, this is super good for my short attention span. Easy to understand even for someone new to Capcut or video editing😍😍 “

Shu Ting

“ 这是一个很棒的培训视频,简单易懂。对喜爱编辑视频和照片的初学者,会有很多意想不到的学习与体验。 “

Sharon Chiam

“ Very easy to pick up from scratch! I knew nothing about editing video beforehand (other than just posting normal IGS), but now I can create content like how KOL does! “


“ Super awesome course. Detailed, Simple and easy to understand and follow. 很棒很棒很棒 “


“ Bought the course when it first came out, but only recently opened to study the basics, even though I've not completed the course, I have been able to use the skills for basic editing already! So thankful for this course, it's so easy to learn and apply in reel life😍 “