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Veg-an Signature Oden (serves 2)

Veg-an Signature Oden (serves 2)

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Get cozy with our Veg-an signature Oden plant-based version of the classic Japanese stew. This heartwarming dish is a medley of wholesome ingredients including cut radish, tofu puffs, shirataki konjac noodles, block konjac, and Ganmo tofu, all simmered gently in a rich plant based bonito kelp stock. Each ingredient adds its own unique texture and flavour, from the soft, absorbent tofu puffs to the chewy konjac and the tender Ganmo tofu. The plant based stock brings everything together with its savoury taste. The Veg-An Oden is a comforting, nourishing meal, perfect for those chilly evenings or whenever you crave something hearty yet healthy.

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    • 100% Plant based
    • Suitable for vegan diet
    • Low cholesterol

    serves 2 pax
    Keep in freezer
    To be consumed within 4 days upon receiving


    • radish, tofu puffs, konjac, tofu, kelp, mirin, soy sauce, sugar


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