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Masil Ceramide Perfume Shower Gel

Masil Ceramide Perfume Shower Gel

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The 7 Ceramide Perfume Shower Gel Series is filled with Ceramide, and it can effectively remove waste without causing irritation on the skin.
Can protect skin barriers and control the skin condition as the formula contains 15 herbal medicinal extracts.
Free of parabens and CMIT/MIT.

Choose from 5 different kinds of shower gel available

Sweet Flower
Cherry Blossom
White Musk
Sweet Love
Baby Powder

Mix and Match
1 Bottle - $28
2 Bottles - $47 (Save $9)
1. Take a suitable amount and lather on sponge or body
2. Gently massage and rinse clean with water
3. Recommended to follow up with Masil 8 Seconds Hair Mask

300ml per bottle

Formulated and Made in Korea, Vegan Certified

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