Transform Your Hair with AllMasil: Exclusive Promo on Premium Shampoo and Hair Masks from Masil!

Let Your Hair Do the Talking

Are you ready to level up your hair care routine? Buckle up, because the AllMasil 2024 range is here to take your locks on a ride they'll never forget!

And guess what? We've got an exclusive promo that'll make you want to hit that "add to cart" button faster than you can say "fabulous hair!"


Meet the AllMasil 2024 Series

Let's start with the stars of the show – our incredible AllMasil products! From nourishing shampoos to luxurious hair masks, we've got everything your hair dreams are made of:

1. AllMasil Hair Shampoo: Your Hair's New BFF

AllMasil Shampoo

Experience the ultimate hair transformation with our AllMasil Hair Shampoo. Available in six unique variants, each shampoo is specially formulated to address specific hair concerns and deliver exceptional results:
  • CMC Shampoo (Top Seller): Targets hair loss symptoms, frizzy & damaged hair
  • Perfect Volume Shampoo: Targets flat & damaged hair
  • Scalp Scaling Shampoo: Targets oily scalp, dandruff & itchy scalp
  • Apple Vinegar Shampoo: Targets dry scalp, frizzy & damaged hair
  • Color Radiance Shampoo: Targets colored hair, frizzy & damaged hair
  • No Yellow Shampoo: Targets neutralizes alkaline hair, uneven tones & yellow hair

2. AllMasil 8-Seconds Hair Mask: Instant result in 8 seconds

Allmasil Hair Mask

Who has time for lengthy hair treatments? Not you! That's why we've packed all the goodness of a traditional hair mask into a convenient 8-second treatment. Just slap it on, count to eight, and voila – say hello to hair that's softer, smoother, and oh-so-shiny!

This Hair Mask is meant to replace your traditional conditioner and yes, you can use it on a daily basis (like your conditioner!) & even applying it over your scalp!

Available in six unique variants, each hair mask is specially formulated to address specific hair concerns and deliver exceptional results:


  • Salon Repair Hair Mask: Rapidly repairs and revitalizes dry/damaged hair in 8 seconds, infusing it with moisture and essential nutrient
  • Anti-Aging Hair Mask: Rejuvenates aging hair with peptides and plant extracts, boosting elasticity and shine in 8 seconds
  • Premium Hair Mask: Intensely nourishes and moisturizes dry hair and scalp with natural essential oils for healthier, voluminous locks
  • Scalp Hair Loss Hair Mask: Combats hair loss and revitalizes the scalp with menthol and herbal extracts, showing results in just 8 seconds
  • Volume Hair Mask: Instantly adds volume and vitality to flat hair with natural ingredients, transforming strands in 8 seconds


    3. AllMasil Protein Silk Balm: Heat protectant from your stylers

    Allmasil silk balm

    The AllMasil protein silk essence adds shine and mild glitter to your hair, giving it life!
    A leave-on conditioner that requires no rinse-off. It also doubles up as a moisturizer for hair without leaving hair too oily and comes with a nice and long-lasting fragrance. Heat Protectant, prevents thermal damage from heat styling tools like curlers, straighteners, and hair dryer.

    4. AllMasil Scalp Care Ampoule Tonic: Show Your Scalp Some Love

    Don't forget about the foundation of fabulous hair – your scalp! Our Scalp Care Ampoule Tonic delivers a potent dose of nourishment directly to your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and a balanced, flake-free scalp.

    Unlock Exclusive Promos

    Now, here's where things get really exciting! With our MIX ANY promo, you can mix and match your favorite AllMasil products and enjoy some seriously sweet deals:

    • Promo #1: Mix Any 3 AllMasil Products and Get 10% Off + Receive a 100ml Time Energy Hair Mask for free (worth $18) – but hurry, free gifts are while stocks last!
    • Promo #2: Mix Any 6 AllMasil Products and Get 20% Off + Receive a 100ml Time Energy Hair Mask (worth $18) + a Full Box of Masil Travel Sachets (random) (worth $20) absolutely free – again, free gifts are while stocks last!

    Why Choose AllMasil?

    • Premium Quality: Crafted with the finest ingredients and advanced formulations for superior results.
    • Instant Results: Experience visible improvements in hair health, shine, and manageability from the very first use.
    • Convenience: Simplify your hair care routine with multitasking products that deliver salon-worthy results at home.
    • Vegan Friendly: All Masil products are certified vegan, so don't worry about the nasties!

    Don't Miss Out!

    With free gifts available only while stocks last, there's no time to waste!
    Elevate your hair care game with the AllMasil 2024 range and unlock your best hair yet.

    Ready to embark on your hair care journey? Head over to our website now to shop the AllMasil 2024 range and take advantage of our exclusive promos before it's too late!

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