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Buying as Customer

  • 2x Bundle of 6: $379.20 x 2 = $758.40
  • Use a $50 voucher (eg. from Shopee): $758.40 - $50 = $708.40
  • Total Retail Price: $708.40

Buying as Member

  • 2x Bundle of 6: $379.20 x 2 = $758.40
  • Cashback as Distributor: $150.66
  • Total Price: $607.74

That's 12 boxes at $100.66 cheaper, making it
$50.65 per box.

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Cashback Calculator

Number of Boxes: 1

Total PV: 18

If you buy as Customer: $79.00

Total Member Cashback: $0.00

If you buy as Member: $79.00

Just remember, the Cashback is best when
you stock up 12 boxes in a single calendar month.
The more boxes you get, the more Cashback you'll receive!

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