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Masil Hair Shampoo

Masil Hair Shampoo

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Vegan-certified, plant-based hair shampoo from Korea.
Suitable for itchy scamp that causes dandruff, bleached, colored, dry, and damaged hair. 
Choose from 6 different kinds of shampoo available

CMC Shampoo:
• Targets hair loss symptoms, frizzy & damaged hair
• Repairs & softens, and stabilizes hair
• Contains 17 types of amino acids
• Gradually repairs & fix your untamable hair in just 3 washes

Perfect Volume Shampoo:
• Targets flat & damaged hair
• Relieves scalp products, hair regeneration
• Antioxidant capabilities
• Improves hair elasticity, balances oil & moisture of the scalp

No Yellow Shampoo:
• Targets neutralizes alkaline hair, uneven tones & yellow hair
• Maintain hair color, prevents discoloration
• Repairs rough & damaged hair
• Functional shampoo (once or twice a week)

Color Radiance Shampoo:
• Targets colored hair, frizzy & damaged hair
• Alleviates scalp problems, UV protection
• Provide nutrients & shine to hair
• Prevents natural light discoloration

Apple Vinegar Shampoo:
• Targets dry scalp, frizzy & damaged hair
• Healthy hair growth, strengthens scalp barrier
•Balances oil & moisture of scalp
• Achieve a healthier & glossy hair glow, improving scalp condition

Scalpe Scaling Shampoo:
• Targets oily scalp, dandruff & itchy scalp
• Recommended for oily scalp, scalp care
• Cooling sensation that soothes irritated scalp
• Cleanses dead skin cells, sebum & impurities

Mix and Match
Regular Sized Bundle - 3 for $85 (300ml Shampoo, 200ml Hair Mask)
Jumbo Sized Bundle - 3 for $105 (500ml Shampoo, 350ml Hair Mask)
1. Squeeze suitable amount into palm and massage onto scalp & wet hair directly
2. Wash off
3. Recommended to follow up with Masil 8 Seconds Hair Mask

300ml (regular size) or 500ml (jumbo size) per bottle

Formulated and Made in Korea, Vegan Certified

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No matter how many you buy.

100% Authentic from Korea

ISO Certified.

Vegan Certified

100% Natural ingredients, contains no chemical.

Does this sound familiar?

Suffering from tangled and frizzly hair

Scalp problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, excessive sebum and clogged pores

Fading hair color

Suffering from oily and flat hair

Masil can help!

"I used to battle with greasy scalp and hair loss, nothing I've tried working out. Within the next day or worse by the end of the day, the greasiness came back. This shampoo is holy grail! I could go 4 full days without grease showing up. Scalp & hair look fresh like I just washed them. Highly recommend this for anyone combating hair loss and greasiness. Delivery was quick too!"

Tasha, Masil Customer

Featured on Daily Vanity

Over 100,000 set sold.