Susenji Ollie FAQs by Nutritionist

Susenji Ollie

Q: What are the key ingredients in Susenji Ollie and how do they work?

A: Susenji Ollie contains three main active ingredients:

Oleavita: Clinically studied to strengthen mitochondria, the body's energy powerhouse. This leads to an increased metabolism, resulting in more efficient fat burning and conversion into energy.
Innoslim: Supports healthy fat loss by raising adiponectin levels (which reduces obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome), reducing glucose absorption, and increasing fat burning.
Morosil: Offers dual regulatory effects, inhibiting fat accumulation while promoting fat cell metabolism.


Q: How does Guarana and Green Tea Extract contribute to the effectiveness of Susenji Ollie?

A: Guarana aids in weight loss by boosting metabolism, leading to the rapid burning of calories and a reduction in waist and hip circumference. Green Tea Extract promotes a sense of calmness, alleviates stress, possesses anti-inflammatory properties, inhibits the lipid peroxidation process, and assists in weight management


Q: What is the recommended dosage for Susenji Ollie?

A: It varies for each individual, as everyone's body responds differently.

The maximum recommended dosage is 3 sachets per day to avoid wastage. Our nutritionist suggests starting with 2 sachets daily for faster results. Afterward, it's best to adjust based on your body's response, typically maintaining 1 sachet per day.

For optimal results, consider taking 1 sachet before lunch and 1 before dinner. However, if you are a child/pregnant/breastfeeding, the intake should be moderated, ideally between 1 to 2 sachets per day.


Q: If someone is obese (120kg), should they double the dosage for Susenji Ollie?

A: It depends on individual reactions. Obese individuals tend to accumulate more toxins, and a rapid metabolism can lead to sudden toxin release, potentially causing discomfort. So, it is recommended to start with one sachet and increase only after the body adjusts.


Q: Can Susenji Ollie be used alongside alcohol?

A: It is not recommended to use Susenji Ollie before consuming alcohol, as alcohol can hinder the absorption and utilization of essential nutrients. It's best to avoid combining them for optimal effectiveness.


Q: When is the best time to consume Susenji Ollie?

A: It's recommended to consume Ollie 10mins before heavy meal, cause Ollie helps with reducing glucose absorption from our meal.


Q: If I forget to take Susenji Ollie before meals and consume it after eating, will it still be effective?

A: Yes, the effect remains the same. However, it's preferable to take Ollie before meals to allow for better absorption of its ingredients. It can also help block the absorption of blood sugar, preventing spikes in sugar levels.


Q: Should I take two sachets if I have a late dinner (9 or 10 pm)?

A: One sachet is enough. Taking multiple sachets doesn't enhance the effect, as our body can only absorb a fixed amount. Excess intake will be excreted, leading to wastage.


Q: If we consume Susenji Shake along with Susenji Ollie, will it be counterproductive since Shake is already low in calories?

A: Combining Susenji Shake with Ollie won't be counterproductive; in fact, it can enhance results more quickly. Shake is rich in nutrients, providing ample fuel for the body. Once the mitochondria are adequately fueled, they operate more efficiently, leading to better results.


Q: If I have Susenji Shake for breakfast daily, can I take Susenji Ollie for all my meals?

A: If you're having Shake for breakfast, you don't need Ollie then since Shake is low-calorie. However, you can incorporate Ollie into your lunch and/or dinner instead.


Q: Who is not recommended to take Susenji Ollie?

A: Most people can safely consume it, exceptions include children (unless they are obese), pregnant women, or individuals with complex medical conditions that require professional advice.


Q: Can I take Susenji Ollie if I am breastfeeding?

A: We have a lot of customers who are pregnant/breastfeeding and consuming our products (after the first trimester), but we always recommend consulting a healthcare professional first as each individual’s condition is different.

Once they give the green light, then you can consume with assurance😊


Q: Can I take Susenji Ollie if I am pregnant?

A: It is recommended to start taking Ollie after 4 months (fetal stabilization). Pregnant mothers are often tired, so Ollie will effectively help mothers to restore energy. To ensure safety, we advise pregnant mothers to consume a maximum of one packet per day.


Q: Can girls take Susenji Ollie during menstruation?

A: Yes, irregular menstruation often correlates with the body's metabolism. Boosting metabolism through Ollie consumption can contribute to regulating menstrual cycles.


Q: Is Susenji Ollie suitable for people with anemia?

A: Ollie can be consumed, especially considering that vomiting during exercise is often associated with anemia. However, addressing the root cause of anemia, such as through iron or vitamin B12 supplementation, is crucial.


Q: Can individuals taking insulin consume Susenji Ollie? Will it excessively lower blood sugar levels?

A: Yes, individuals taking insulin can safely consume Ollie. However, it's essential to continue their medication (insulin). Conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease often involve poor metabolism, leading to elevated blood sugar levels. Ollie can help enhance metabolic rate and improve sugar breakdown and absorption, but it should not replace insulin or other prescribed medications.


Q: Can Susenji Ollie help with hormonal imbalances?

A: Yes, Ollie aids in regulating metabolism. When metabolism is balanced, it can contribute to preventing various chronic diseases.


Q: Can Susenji Ollie help me lose weight?

A: Yes! Ollie contains Oleavita, which naturally boosts your metabolism. With a faster metabolism, your body can burn fat more efficiently, supporting your weight loss journey.


Q: How can you lose fat without exercising?

A: While exercise typically increases mitochondria production and boosts metabolism, Ollie offers an alternative approach. With its primary ingredient, Oleavita, which enhances mitochondria and metabolism, Ollie facilitates fat-burning even without exercise. So once we increase our metabolism, it can effectively help us burn fat.


Q: After taking Susenji Ollie, I experienced a mid-night trip to the toilet. Could this be attributed to increased metabolism leading to the excretion of fat in stools?

A: There are many factors that can cause constipation. There is a condition called hypothyroidism, which can slow down both the metabolism of the body and intestinal peristalsis. So when metabolism accelerates, intestinal movements may also speed up, resulting in more frequent bathroom visits. However, it is not like other detox products, it does not cause diarrhea. Typically, a healthy individual would visit the toilet 2-3 times a day due to their regular metabolic activity.


Q: If I stop taking Susenji Ollie after using it for a long time, will the effects vanish? Can it lead to dependency?

A: Ollie doesn't create dependencies. Unlike drugs, natural extracts don't create physical dependencies. Stopping Ollie won't lead to a decline in mitochondria. Instead, lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking contribute to mitochondrial decline.


Q: How can one prove that Susenji Ollie won't lead to dependencies?

A: Ollie operates differently from substances like coffee. It delivers ingredients directly to the cells, promoting an increase in mitochondria. This targeted action ensures that any effects experienced are derived directly from the cellular level, minimizing the potential for dependency.

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