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Maguro Shoyuzuke

Maguro Shoyuzuke

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This Maguro Shoyuzuke (Tuna Sashimi in broth) is the plant-based answer to the well-loved, mouth-watering Japanese delicacy by the same name. Marinated in a delectable blend of Kagoshima premium soy sauce, kelp stock, and plant-based bonito, this savoury treat is packed full of flavour.

Free from anisakis parasites, toxic mercury, and carcinogenic PCBs, all of which are commonly found in raw fish, this 100% plant-based goodness is perfectly safe for children, pregnant ladies, and breastfeeding mothers. Enjoy it with piping hot rice, or cold noodles, or pair it with Shochu liquor, Sake, or wine! Contains no alliums.

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    • 100% Plant based
    • Suitable for vegan diet
    • No alliums
    • Low cholesterol

    1. Consume directly OR
    2. Pour it over rice with wakame for a complete meal

    380ml per bottle
    Keep refrigerated
    To be consumed within 4 days upon receiving


    • Vegan maguro sashimi (147g), Kagoshima premium soy sauce, kelp stock, roasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, flaxseed oil


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