Susenji Shake FAQs by Nutritionist

Q: Can I consume Susenji Shake if I am pregnant?

A: Absolutely. Susenji Shake is safe for pregnant women, as well as young children and the elderly.

Q: Is Susenji Shake suitable for breastfeeding mothers?

A: Susenji Shake contains Tri-P Factor, which provides nutrients to protect the stomach. It is safe for breastfeeding mothers to use, as it does not contain hormones that would affect milk production. When a breastfeeding mother has adequate nutrition, it can lead to better quality milk for the baby, making Susenji Shake a beneficial option.

For all breastfeeding / pregnant mums we always do recommend checking with gynae, as each individual’s condition is different.

Q: Can children consume Susenji Shake?

A: Yes, as long as the child is capable of consuming other foods, they can start drinking Susenji Shake.

Q: I have lactose intolerance. Can I drink Susenji Shake?

A: Susenji Shake does not contain any milk ingredients, so individuals with lactose intolerance will not be affected.

Q: I am following a keto diet. Can I include Susenji Shake?

A: Absolutely! Susenji Shake is not high in carbohydrates and is a balanced dietary option that does not interfere with the keto diet.

Q: How many shakes should I consume in a day?

A: For weight loss purposes, it is recommended to replace breakfast and dinner with Susenji Shake. Initially, you can start by replacing your breakfast with a Susenji Shake to allow your stomach to repair and strengthen. Later, you may choose to replace two meals a day with Susenji Shake. It is still advisable to have one proper meal, preferably lunch, to ensure optimal digestion.

Q: Who can benefit from consuming Susenji Shake?

A: Susenji Shake is suitable for individuals of all genders and ages, including pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, lactose-intolerant individuals, those with gastritis, individuals with irregular or skipped meals, individuals with poor eating habits, and those consuming a diet high in refined foods (high in calories, fats, and sugar).

Q: What are the long-term benefits of consuming Susenji Shake?

A: Tri-P Factor helps to repair and protect the stomach by providing a thicker lining and help our gastric cells to secrete gastric acids regularly, which normalizes the function of our stomach. Metabolism rate will also increase and you may experience less stomach bloating and gastric problems.


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