How to lose weight with Susenji?

Ready to shed those extra pounds with Susenji? Unlock effective weight loss strategies and techniques. Discover how to integrate Susenji into your daily routine, leverage its benefits, and maximize your weight management journey.

Commonly we gain weight because of 3 reasons:


1. Body unable to purge out toxins/ Constipation.

This hinders our body from functioning properly, & some may experience weight gain because of the toxins built up

Some people even have up to a few kgs of hidden stool stuck in their colon.

In this case, MOFA+ can help with us detoxing naturally without creating dependency.

No chemical laxatives, no rebound.


2. Bad eating habits

For those of us who really don’t watch what we eat, & always overstuff ourselves, our caloric intake for the day will end up too high.

If we consume more calories than we burn for the day, our body will gain weight.


In order to lower our caloric intake for the day, we can replace 1 meal with Susenji Shake, which is only 140kcal (usual meals we eat are about 400-600kcal).

Shake also helps to improve gastric health and protect stomach lining, and will keep us feeling full for 4-6h until the next meal.


3. Low metabolism

Metabolism is needed to convert what we eat into energy. A slow metabolism burns fewer calories, which means the excess calories get stored as fats in our body.


As we grow older, our metabolism may drop due to our lifestyle and eating habits.


Ollie is a product that helps with increasing our body’s metabolism naturally and reducing glucose absorption (usually excess glucose turns into fats stored in our body), and this effectively helps with our weight management.


Do note that the above result is subject to individual’s body, and different people may produce different results.

Susenji products are curated with natural and vegan friendly ingredients as we hope to promote natural and healthy weight management.

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