CNY Hotpot: Discover Cholesterol-Free Swaps and Plant-Based Wellness Secrets

Welcome to Our Heart-Healthy Chinese New Year Hotpot Tradition

Hello, fellow foodies and health enthusiasts! As we approach the vibrant Chinese New Year, we're thrilled to share with you our personal guide to transforming our beloved hotpot tradition into a heart-warming, cholesterol-free celebration. This isn't just about food; it's about cherishing our health and our loved ones, one delicious bite at a time.


Navigating the Festive Season with Your Heart in Mind

Our journey towards a heart-healthy lifestyle began a few years ago, and it has transformed how we celebrate our festive seasons. We've learned that it's possible to indulge in our favorite traditions while making smart choices that keep our cholesterol in check. Let us show you how!


Craft Your Own Cholesterol-Free Hotpot Menu

Join us in exploring savory mushroom slices, tofu, and tempeh as fantastic meat alternatives for our hotpot. We'll guide you through our favorite plant-based broths and dipping sauces that pack a punch without the cholesterol. It's all about making swaps that are good for you and taste amazing too.

Our Go-To Plant-Based Ingredients


  • Mushrooms: They're not just meaty; they're umami-packed wonders!


  • Tofu/Tempeh: These protein-rich heroes can shine in our hotpot.

Vegan Dipping Sauce

  • Homemade Plant-Based Sauces: These sauces can rival any traditional sauce, minus the guilt.


The Cholesterol-Free Advantage of Plant-Based Ingredients

Are you aware of the incredible benefits that plant-based ingredients bring to your Chinese New Year hotpot? Here's a fascinating fact: all plant-based products are naturally free of cholesterol. It's a game-changer for your health and something worth celebrating during this festive season.

Cholesterol, a fatty substance found in animal products, can contribute to heart-related issues when consumed in excess. By opting for plant-based swaps in your hotpot, you're not only indulging in delicious flavors but also making a heart-smart choice.

Whether you're enjoying meaty mushrooms, tofu, or tempeh, rest assured that your hotpot is free from cholesterol-related worries. So go ahead, savor the flavors, and make your Chinese New Year feast a celebration of wellness.


Balancing the Feast with Susenji Ollie and Susenji Depuff

Now, let's talk about balancing our feast. It's not only about what we add but also what we can manage. Susenji Ollie has been our trusted companion against glucose spikes, and we're excited for you to experience its benefits. And for those days when we've overindulged in salty treats, Susenji Depuff has been a lifesaver in keeping the bloat at bay.

The Personal Benefits We've Experienced

Susenji Ollie

  • Susenji Ollie: We've noticed more stable energy levels, even when we treat ourselves to a sweet.

Susenji Depuff

  • Susenji Depuff: Say hello to feeling light and refreshed, even after a hearty meal.


Wrapping Up the Feast with Wellness in Mind

As we close our festive evenings, it's about more than just clearing the table; it's about setting ourselves up for a year of health and happiness. With the plant-based choices and Susenji's wellness products we've shared, you're ready to make this CNY a celebration of vitality.


Your Takeaway for a Prosperous and Healthy New Year

We invite you to join us in making this Chinese New Year a testament to our healthful living. Embrace the changes, enjoy the flavors, and let's make heart health a part of our tradition. Together, we'll savor every moment of the feast and the year to come.

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