Enjoy Susenji Products at Distributor Prices – Save Big with Pixiepax!

If you are a Susenji Regular, looking for Susenji discount code/ Susenji promotions/ Susenji best deals possible and want to get the cheapest Susenji authentic products, look no further. 

This post is just for you.

We're thrilled to bring you an exciting opportunity to enjoy your favorite Susenji products at distributor prices – just like us!

But there's a catch – it's a good one! Now you can consume Susenji products, including our top sellers like Mofa+, Ollie, and Depuff, at distributor prices. Yes, you heard that right – distributor prices with no hidden fees!

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As of June 15, 2024, the price per box increased to $79. But here's how you can save:

Example Savings on Double Digit Day (7.7):

Retail Price:

  • 2 sets of 6 boxes (Mofa+ & Ollie): $379.20 x 2 = $758.40
  • Use a $50 voucher (e.g., from Shopee): $758.40 - $50 = $708.40
  • Total retail price: $708.40

Distributor Price:

  • 2 sets of 6 boxes (Mofa+ & Ollie): $379.20 x 2 = $758.40
  • Cash back: $150.66
  • Final price: $607.74

That's 12 boxes at $100.66 cheaper, making it only $50.65 per box!

Consuming at distributor prices is cheaper and better than buying during double digit days with vouchers. Plus, whenever there's a promo like "Buy 6 Get 2 Free," you can be the first to get it!

And the best part? There’s no capital or monthly fees required to buy at distributor prices. YES – no hidden fees at all!

You can stock up 12 boxes for yourself, share with friends, or even sell them. Stock up for 1 month and come back to stock up again whenever you run out of stock. There’s no penalty for months when you don’t stock up!

Just remember, the cash back is best when you stock up 12 boxes in a single calendar month. The more boxes you get, the more cash back you'll receive!

Cash backs are auto-transferred to your bank account on the next 15th of the month.

Ready to start saving?

Click here to sign up and we’ll guide you every step of the way!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enjoy Susenji at unbeatable prices.

Happy Saving!


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