All you need to know about Susenji

Founder and Company


Susenji is a health and beauty brand founded by Queenie Kwok in 2016 under the company 3Q Quinn Sdn Bhd, also known as 3Q. Queenie Kwok started the company with a vision to offer products that allow every woman to feel beautiful and maintain good health. The brand has grown significantly over the years.

Product Range

Susenji offers a variety of health and beauty products, each designed with specific benefits:

susenji products
  1. Susenji MOFA+: A detox drink that aids in constipation, reduce bloating and flatten belly.
  2. Susenji Ollie: A product that works as a carb blocker and metabolism booster.
  3. Susenji Shake: A meal replacement option, only at 140kcal and keeps you full up to 4 hours.
  4. Susenji Sculpt: A fat-burning lotion that helps with reducing double chin, burn stubborn fats, reduce cellulite and firm sagging skin.
  5. Susenji Depuff: Aids in reducing water retention and body fat, reduce puffiness and purge excess sodium in body.
  6. Susenji Luna: A skincare supplement aimed at improving skin radiance and providing anti-aging benefits.

All Susenji products are SGS certified, which are tested for any harmful chemicals. HSA notified, SFA certified so they are all safe to consume.


susenji price list

The prices of Susenji products are retail at $75 a box. However, they have promotional bundles which provide a selection of their products at discounted rates where you get more savings the more boxes you buy. 

Bundle of 2 - $142.50 (Usual price $150, $7.50 saving)
Bundle of 4 - $255 (Usual price $300, $45 saving)
Bundle of 6 - $360 (Usual price $450, $90 saving)

You can mix and match any of the 6 products in the bundle. 

Market Presence

susenji warehouse

Susenji has a substantial market presence, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia, with a customer base that has seen significant growth since its inception. The company has been successful in not just selling products but also in creating a supportive community around its brand. They also collaborates with top international research and development experts to create its range of products. This partnership ensures that Susenji's offerings are continuously enhanced in terms of efficacy and are compliant with global production standards. The company's dedication to delivering high-quality and reputable products is evident in its collaboration with international professionals, which is a key aspect of its product development and manufacturing process.

Where To Get Them?

Pixiepax has been distributing Susenji for more than 4 years and have been consistently selling over 50,000 boxes. If you are keen, tap here to purchase them!

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