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Susenji Luna

Susenji Luna

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 Embark on a journey toward skin that does more than glow—it captivates. Transform with each sachet, unveiling a lunar radiance while safeguarding against UV damage.

Go beyond mere skincare. Each sachet encapsulates a trio of virtues designed to Shield, Heal, and Illuminate.

 Your skin won't just glow—it will stand resilient against life's everyday challenges.

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All-natural supplement for Skin Luminance

Contains30 sachets, 2 weeks supply
LabelVegan friendly
SuitableDry skin, uneven skin tone, visible sign of aging, noticeable dark spots, easily easily irritable skin, sensitive skin, rough and dull skin
OrginFormulated in France, Made in Malaysia
IngredientsBelight3™,  RiceCera®, Saberry®, Holimel®, Torula Yeast Extract, Red Ginseng Peptide, Passionfruit powder, Mixed fruit powder

Key benefits

Combat Premature Aging
Rich in antioxidants for youth-preserving effects

UV Resilience
Boost your skin's defense against sun damage

Purify Naturally
Enhance metabolism for a clearer complexion

Boost Collagen Synthesis
Firm and plump your skin from within

Erase Spots, Embrace Brightness
Target pigmentation for even skin tone

Elasticity Reimagined
Improve your skin’s bounce and texture

Radiation Shield
Shield your skin from environmental harm

How to Consume Luna

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Step 1
Take 1 sachet of Susenji Luna on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime.

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Step 2
Simply tear and enjoy its sweet and tangy flavor.

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