What are the Benefits of Susenji Luna?

Susenji Luna focuses on three main steps: achieving radiant skin through a holistic approach. It effectively combines shield (sun protection), heal (repair), and luminize (brightening for our skin).

Benefits of Susenji Luna:

  1. Resilient Skin: Enhanced resistance to UV damage for lasting protection.

  2. Youthful Glow: Elevated collagen production for improved elasticity and firmness.

  3. Hydration Boost: Improved skin repair and a strengthened moisture-retaining barrier.

  4. Brighter Complexion: Inhibited melanin production, reducing dark spots and pigmentation.

  5. Oxidative Stress Defense: Increased protection against skin-damaging free radicals.

  6. Metabolic Boost: Experience improved metabolism and enhanced detoxification abilities.


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