Singapore's Popular Dishes vs. Susenji Shake: A Calorie Comparison Guide


Let's put the calorie content of beloved Singaporean dishes in perspective by comparing them to Susenji Shake, which packs nutrition into just 140 calories. Whether you're on a fitness journey or curious about calorie counts, this comparison will shed light on how you can enjoy local flavors or opt for a healthier meal replacement!

Ba Chor Mee: 511 calories

Typically known for its savory flavors and satisfying mix of noodles and minced pork, a single bowl of Ba Chor Mee can pack a significant calorie punch. It's a local delight but might not align with your calorie goals.

Fried Bee Hoon: 650 calories

This simple yet popular dish, often enjoyed for breakfast, can vary in calorie content based on its ingredients and portion size. While delicious, it can sometimes equal several servings of Susenji Shake.

Laksa: 589 calories

The coconut milk-based curry noodle soup is a staple in Singapore. Its rich taste comes with a high-calorie count that might surprise you.


Fried Carrot Cake: 493 calories

Not to be confused with the sweet Western dessert, this savory, fried radish cake dish is a hawker classic that's heavier on calories than you might expect.

Chicken Rice: 607 calories

Often considered Singapore's national dish, Hainanese Chicken Rice is loved by many. However, it's worth noting the calorie content in comparison to a meal replacement option.

Nasi Lemak: 494 calories

The fragrance of coconut rice with a side of fried anchovies, peanuts, egg, and sambal can make it hard to resist Nasi Lemak. But how does it fare in a calorie comparison?


Roti Prata: 350 calories

The flaky, crispy flatbread, usually served with a side of curry, can tally up more calories than one might assume.

Hokkien Mee: 588 calories

A mixture of yellow noodles and rice noodles stir-fried with egg, prawns, and squid, Hokkien Mee is another local favorite.

Char Kway Teow: 744 calories

This stir-fried noodle dish is known for its robust flavor, but with that comes a high-calorie count that's comparable to multiple shakes.


Each of these dishes offers a taste of Singapore's rich culinary heritage, but when it comes to managing your calorie intake, Susenji Shake provides a nutritious alternative. At just 140 calories, it's designed to support your digestive system without the extra calories found in traditional meals.


Interested in making a switch or simply integrating a meal replacement into your diet? Explore more about Susenji Shake and how it can fit into your health goals.

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