Is Susenji Mofa HSA Approved?


The health and wellness market is flooded with various products, and it's crucial to know what you're consuming. A question we often hear is, "Is Susenji Mofa HSA approved?" This post aims to clear any confusion and provide accurate information about Susenji Mofa.


Susenji Mofa - What is it?

Susenji Mofa+ is a natural, orange-flavored detox beverage, known for its combination of natural fruit fiber, probiotics, orange powder, psyllium husk, and comprehensive digestive enzymes. It's designed to promote a healthier digestive system and support weight management goals.

It helps with easing constipation, reducing bloating and flatten belly without any side effects as it doesn't use any chemical laxatives, laxatives or any harmful ingredients.

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The Confusion with MOFA Coffee and Susenji MOFA+

It's important to address a common misconception linking Susenji Mofa with "MOFA Coffee". MOFA Coffee was banned in Singapore by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) due to the presence of harmful substances.
However, Susenji Mofa and MOFA Coffee are entirely different products and of different brand. Susenji Mofa is a health-focused, SGS and Halal-certified product, devoid of any banned or harmful substances​.


HSA Approval and Market Presence

As of the latest information available, Susenji Mofa is a notified product under the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). This signifies that it has been acknowledged by HSA for sale in Singapore. The product has been in the market for over seven years, with more than one million boxes sold. This long-standing presence and volume of sales indicate a level of consumer trust and product reliability.


Key Benefits and Ingredients

Susenji Mofa+ offers several health benefits, including promoting bowel movements, maintaining a good digestive system, balancing blood pH levels, and supporting long-term slimming effects. The product contains natural ingredients like maltodextrin, orange and passionfruit juice powders, psyllium husk, fructooligosaccharide, and digestive enzymes​



When choosing health supplements, it's essential to be well-informed. Susenji Mofa, distinct from the banned MOFA Coffee, offers a natural solution for digestive health and weight management. Its HSA notification and widespread consumer acceptance are testaments to its safety and effectiveness.

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