Can I drink Susenji MOFA daily?

Curious about the frequency of consuming Susenji MOFA? Find out if it's recommended for daily use. Explore its benefits in natural detoxification and gain insights on incorporating Susenji MOFA into your routine for effective weight management.

Yes, you can drink MOFA+ nightly before sleep. MOFA+ offers a range of benefits, including improving complexion, eliminating toxins, and reducing abdominal bloating.

When consumed half an hour before sleep, it initiates a gentle detox process that takes place 8-10 hours later.
It effectively aids in relieving constipation, bloating, and water retention.

Additionally, MOFA+ increases satiety, assisting in weight loss, and promotes a healthy metabolism. It is a safe option with no side effects or the need for strict dieting.

If you often experience bloating, constipation, or simply wish to cleanse your body system, MOFA+ is the ideal product for you.

Recommended Usage:
To complete a full cycle of the detox, 3 boxes of MOFA, equivalent to 60 days, is recommended.

Subsequently, maintenance can be achieved by taking MOFA+ once every 2-3 days or after consuming oily or heavy meals.

It is advisable to start with half a sachet to allow your body to adjust.
Once comfortable, you can consume a full sachet.

After completing the full detox cycle, you should experience reduced bloating and improved bowel movements.
The product may also contribute to a decrease in size or weight.

To fully benefit from the detoxification process and eliminate accumulated toxins from years of exposure, 3 boxes are recommended.
It may take some time for the body to completely rid itself of these toxins, so it is not uncommon to notice a substantial increase in bowel movements during this period.

Please note that during the initial 1-2 weeks of using MOFA+, you may experience more frequent bowel movements. This is a normal part of the cleansing process as the product effectively purges the accumulated toxins from your intestines.

After this initial phase, MOFA+ will regulate your bowel movements, typically resulting in 1-2 movements per day.

However, individual experiences may vary, and the adjustment period is usually around 1-2 weeks.


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