Beating Traffic During CNY: Family Fun and Wellness on the Go

As the Chinese New Year unfolds, the excitement of visiting relatives brings with it long car journeys. Amid these travels, keeping wellness in focus is key. With laughter, stories, and Susenji Shake in your travel kit, the journey becomes as enriching as the destination.


Engaging Car Activities for the Family:

Storytelling Time

Story Telling

Swap tales of past celebrations, weaving the fabric of family history as you journey to your next reunion.

Festive Sing-along

Sing Along

Belt out your favorite CNY tunes. It's a merry way to keep the festive spirit alive, mile after mile.

Guess the Resolution

CNY Resolution

A light-hearted game to guess each other's New Year resolutions, fostering bonds and shared aspirations.

Snack Smart

Susenji Shake
Amid the laughs and games, keep energy levels up with Susenji Shake. It's your hassle-free, nutritious meal on the move, ensuring you and your family stay nourished without skipping a beat.

Mindful Moments

Mindful Breathing
Amidst the festivity, find moments for mindfulness. A shared deep breath or a round of gratitude can center everyone, making the journey a part of the celebration.


Conclusion: The essence of Chinese New Year lies in togetherness and renewal. As you navigate the season's visits, let these car activities and the nourishing convenience of Susenji Shake enrich your family's experience, turning every trip into an opportunity for joy and wellness.

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