Income Disclosure


Naeshcar Pte. Ltd. provides individuals with opportunities to earn income through Master Resell Rights. While selling Digital Products can be a viable source of income for many, we do not guarantee any specific level of income or success.

Income figures featured in our marketing materials or those shared by other users of our products are illustrative and not guarantees of income. Actual earnings are dependent on several factors including individual effort, business skills, and experience, and thus are not guaranteed.

We make no representations or warranties regarding the level of success one may achieve through our business opportunity or any of our programs, products, or services. The income figures provided are for informational purposes only and do not account for business-related expenses such as marketing, travel, and other operational costs.

It is the responsibility of individuals who join our community to ensure their own success, and we encourage conducting thorough due diligence to determine if our business opportunity aligns with their personal and financial objectives.

We offer no guarantees or promises regarding income or success. Any earnings or income statements, or examples thereof, should be considered as potential earnings and are not typical or average results.