How long does it take to see results from using Susenji Luna?

Nourishing Journey for Radiant Skin

  • 7 Days: High Antioxidant Shield

Initiate the construction of a healthy skin barrier, gradually moisturizing, providing antioxidant protection, and repairing the skin.

  • 14 Days: Boost Metabolism Reduce

The production of melanin and progressively fades the dark spots, dark circles, acne scars, and other skin pigmentation issues.

  • 21 Days: Brighten Skin Tone

Improve dry skin, enhancing skin smoothness.

  • 28 Days: Deep Hydration Luxurious

Hydration locks the moisture, enhancing the skin’s resistance to UV rays.

  • 2 Months: Skin Firmness

Skin gains a radiant property, and dark spots noticeably reduced.

  • 3 Months: Achieve Radiant, Luminous Skin

Becomes more uniformly fair and translucent, eliminating fine lines and optimizing skin texture.


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