How Does Susenji Shake Work?

Tri-P Factor: Triple Protection for Your Stomach

Susenji Shake incorporates the Tri-P factor, which offers triple protection to the stomach, especially the stomach lining. It works by:

  1. Repair: Enhancing the healing of the stomach lining.
  2. Strengthen: Nourishing the stomach lining barrier.
  3. Restore: Normalizing how our stomach produces gastric juice for better nutrient absorption, ultimately optimizing digestion.

Recommended Meal Replacement Scenarios

Susenji Shake is ideal for the following scenarios:

Breakfast Replacement: Especially for individuals focused on stomach protection and digestive health improvement.

Dinner Replacement: Particularly if the original meal is oily or heavy due to its low-calorie content, supporting weight management goals.

Treatment Plans and Target Audience

For long-term digestive protection, it's recommended to use six boxes (one treatment). For weight management purposes, two boxes can be utilized. Always keep track of overall calorie intake.

Susenji Shake is highly recommended for individuals with irregular meal schedules, those who frequently skip meals, people experiencing gastric issues, and those aiming for a healthier digestive system.

Give Susenji Shake a try and experience the benefits of this scientifically-proven stomach protection meal replacement!


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