How Does Susenji MOFA+ Work?

Susenji MOFA+ is designed to gently and naturally detoxify the body. Its carefully selected blend of ingredients work synergistically to support smooth bowel movements, remove toxins, and promote general health. Here's how it achieves these remarkable results:

Key Ingredients

  1. Fresh Orange Powder: Rich in Vitamin C and packed with antioxidants, this oil-absorbent fruit stimulates intestinal movement and offers protection against UV damage.
  2. Passionfruit Powder: A powerhouse in cleansing the stomach and strengthening digestive function. It also aids in metabolism and reduces inflammatory markers.
  3. Psyllium Husk: This natural water-soluble fiber expands upon contact with water, promoting bowel movement and improving blood lipid levels.
  4. Prebiotics (FOS): These natural plant compounds stimulate the growth of beneficial probiotics in the body.
  5. Soluble Apple Fiber: Effective in strengthening digestive functions by reducing harmful yeast and germ proliferation.
  6. Digestive Enzymes (Amylase, Protease & Lipase): These enzymes facilitate the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, promoting optimal digestion.
  7. COOLTOX Natural Plant Extract: Derived from pandan leaf extract, it helps cool down body inflammation, enhancing detoxification.

Usage Recommendations

To kickstart your detox journey, dissolve one sachet of MOFA+ in 200ml of water. It can be mixed with room temperature, cold, or iced water. For those new to detoxing, starting with half a sachet in 100ml of water is advised. For optimal results, the company recommends using 1-3 boxes of MOFA+ every night initially, and then adjusting to 2-4 times weekly depending on individual diet.

Consistency is Key

It's important to note that Susenji MOFA+ is not an express miracle product. Results come with consistent usage, providing you with a natural, safe, and effective way to support your body's detoxification process.


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