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Vegan Dashi Soup Stock

Vegan Dashi Soup Stock

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Our Dashi, which means soup stock in Japan, consist mainly of onion, sweet potato and soy sauce.
It can be drank directly in a cup (we guarantee it tastes really good!) or you can use it for soup stock, fried rice, curry, stir fry for savoury taste.

• Vegan

• Granule type
• Slims waist and flatten belly effectively
• Does not contain refined sugar and animal derived ingredients
• Does not contain chemical seasoning / NO MSG
• Vegan friendly
• Macrobiotic food

1. Dissolve one packet in about 300ml hot water OR
2. Pour it into rice, curry, stew, and mix well

5g x 30 sachets per box
Imported and made in Japan


• Salt, sweet potato starch, yeast extract, onions, soy sauce, pepper, celery, carrot, garlic
• Allergen: Wheat, soy

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