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Tuna Mayo (200g)

Tuna Mayo (200g)

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Check out our Tuna Mayo but with a cool vegan twist! We use Omni Tuna, which is an awesome plant-based option that tastes just like the real deal. Instead of regular mayo, we've gone eggless, keeping it all vegan and smooth. And to top it off, we add some chopped purple onion for a bit of zing and diced cucumber for that fresh crunch. It's a simple, tasty choice for anyone looking to enjoy classic flavors without any of the guilt!

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    *As this is a temperature sensitive product, kindly ensure someone is home to receive it.
    **Delivery Fee: $10
    *** This product will be delivered separately if you purchased any other products in our store.


    • 100% Plant based
    • Suitable for vegan diet
    • Low cholesterol

    200g per bottle
    Keep refrigerated
    To be consumed within 4 days upon receiving


    • Omni Tuna, purple onion, cucumber, eggless mayo, pepper


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