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Banno Tsuyu Broth (600ml)

Banno Tsuyu Broth (600ml)

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Each order contains: 1x Concentrated Broth (600ml) and can yield 1.2L of broth when mixed with water

Limited stocks only!

Introducing our Banno Tsuyu Japanese Broth a true delight for anyone craving authentic Japanese flavors with a vegan twist.

This broth is a plant-based version of the classic Banno Tsuyu, known for its deep, umami-rich taste. We've carefully crafted this broth to ensure it carries the same savory depth and subtle sweetness but without any animal products.

It's perfect for noodle dishes, as a dipping sauce, or even as a flavorful base for soups and stews. Whether you're a vegan or just love Japanese cuisine, this broth is sure to add a delicious and authentic touch to your meals.

Get FREE DELIVERY if you order more than 8 items (Tuna Mayo, Maguro Shoyuzuke, Banno Broth, Oden) 

    *As this is a temperature-sensitive product, kindly ensure someone is home to receive it.
    **Delivery Fee: $10
    *** This product will be delivered separately if you purchased any other products in our store.


    • 100% Plant based
    • Suitable for vegan diet
    • Low cholesterol

    600ml broth
    Keep refrigerated
    To be consumed within 4 days upon receiving


    • Plant-based stock, soy sauce, mirin, kombu


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