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Air Shot Volume Styler Curler & Straightener

Air Shot Volume Styler Curler & Straightener

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RABE&CO Air Shot Volume Styler (Curler & Straightener)

Get ready to rock sleek, straight locks or stunning beachy waves effortlessly with the Air Shot Volume Styler Curler & Straightener from Korea!
This magical hair tool releases negative ions that help lock in your hair's natural moisture while keeping damage at bay.
With five different heat settings (up to 210°C), you can customize your styling experience to your liking. Plus, the LED temperature display is super easy to use and understand, so you can focus on getting your hair just right!

Get ready to unleash your inner hairstyling pro with not one, not two, but FIVE temperature modes! Whether you want to go low and slow at 140°C, bump it up a bit to 160°C, or crank it all the way up to 210°C, this curler has got you covered. So go ahead, get creative with your curls, and rock those fabulous hairstyles like the boss babe you are!

Say hello to worry-free hairstyling with this curler that's got your back! Not only will you never accidentally singe your precious fingers while using it, but it also comes with a handy-dandy auto shut-off feature. That means if you get carried away belting out your favorite tunes or binge-watching your latest Netflix obsession and forget about your styling tool, it'll shut itself down after 30 minutes of being left unattended. So, go ahead, get lost in the moment, and slay those gorgeous curls without a care in the world!

1. Press Power button to turn on
2. Wait for LED to turn blue
3.Press Power again to select different temperature Mode
4. Press Fan button to turn off/on fan (recommend to leave it on)
5. Press and hold white button (Styling Button) to release flat iron
6. Insert hair and style it however you want
7. Press and hold Power Button to turn off once you are done (Put on Safety Cap and into Dust bag)

• Air Shot Volume Styler
• Safety Cap
• Dust bag

• Designed by Korean Celebrity
• 200g
• KC (Korea Certification) mark signifies compliance with Korea's product safety requirements for electrical and electronic equipment and is issued by Korea-based certification bodies that have been approved by the Korea Standards AssociationHairstylist


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